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Willkommen | Welcome

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Die Galerie Uniplastic betreut die Vermarktung der Werke des Künstlers John Stutz sowie weiterer Kunstschaffender, die mit Glas und/oder Keramik arbeiten.
Als Promotor vorwiegend zeitgenössischer Kunst bieten wir in grosszügigen, hellen Ausstellungsräumen eine eindrückliche Präsentation der meist grossformatigen Kunstwerke.
Our gallery is entrusted to market our main artist „John Stutz“ as well as a few  known international artists working with glass or ceramic. We consider ourself as a promotor of most modern contempory art. Our bright, open gallery athmosphere helps to reach our goals and offers to the visitors therefore an impressive, beautyful show.
Die Galerie Uniplastic finden Sie an exklusiver Lage im Herzen der Hafenstadt Rorschach am Bodensee. Den Anfahrtsweg und die Adresse ist unter CONTACT ersichtlich.


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January 2021
John Stutz "Carpets"

John Stutz and his crew created 55 Carpets, dimensions 120 x 160 x 5 cm, poured out of Polyurethane-Elastomers. These casted Carpets can be hanged on ceilings, mounted to walls or laid at the floor. They are weatherproof, mechanically resisting to people walking over once laid at the floor. Right now, 9 Carpets are decorating the new, biggest Swiss-Event hall No. 550 at Zurich-Oerlikon. All art works can be checked at
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Photos: Emanuel Ammon, Aura Fotoagentur
June 2018
Art of John Stutz at new «Bürgenstock» Resort
near Lucerne, Switzerland

Along the main road between the comunity of Obbürgen and the resort entry, I have
placed 8 installations of steel art works, combined with poured Polyurethan-Eiastomer
coatings in several colors. There are now standing for the pleasure of the incoming car
visitors totally 14 impressing art works. Strang concret platforms have previously been
built by the "Bürgenstock" contracting company and tagether with my staff, we mounted the heavy art works by means of a crane in august 2017. This installations will stay there until the end of 2018 or maybe longer.
This film will show you the actual situation presented at the «Bürgenstock-main road»
driving by car after the community of Obbürgen to the hotel complex:

Installations No. 1+2 show the 4 steel dervishes 7 feet high as weil as 2 feet. in diameter
out of heavy steel in the color blacklyellow and blacklred.

Installation No.3 shows a kissing couple out of 2 bigger tree roots in the heigth of 6 feet., decorated in blacklred colors.

Installation No.4 are 2 black steel sculptures representing an atomic power plant.

Installation No. 5 shows 2 golden steel spirals. heigt 7 feet., diameter 2 feet.

Installation No. 6 are again 2 golden dervishes in heavy steel.

lnsallation No.7 at the entry of the resort shows more than 1 ton of bigger stones out oft he river rhein decorated with polyurethan in the colors black, red, yellow and blue.

Installation No.8 shows 3 big steel platforms. On top are mounted nearly 40 tubes up to 20 feet high, decorated in miscellanous colared polyurethen coatings. This installation is called «judgement»

By the way, this is the biggest installation in my artist career i ever could realize, thanks to Bruno Schöpfer the top manager of this famous, outstanding new resort, as weil as curator Jo Müller!

John Stutz
August 2017
Skulpturenweg Sur En / Sent
John Stutz ist mit einer 3er Skulpturengruppe beteiligt.
3 August 2016
John Stutz – Kurzportrait im Ostschweizer Fernsehen TVO
(Beitrag vom 2. August 2016)
14 June 2016
John Stutz: Video «Temple»
Installation Art online on YT
3 March 2016
John Stutz: Video «Judgement»
Installation Art online on YT
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